Kia Dog Character and game and animation
development for instore multimedia kiosk.
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Comdata Poster Illustration
Illustration portraying the future of trucking communication.

Mattel Toys Chairman's Award Brochure Click to see more

Da Vinci's Notebook CD Packaging Illustration Click to see more

University of Houston Law Center Brochure
Creation of "Kwik Chik" characters and illustration of scenarios to represent different aspects of intellectual property rights.
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Kwik Chik illustrations

Mead Paper Direct Mail Brochure
Creation and illustration of dog characters. We wrote the copy, too.
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Studio RoJa Trade Show Signage
Design, illustration and construction of dimensional sign for a small, creative jewelry company in Los Angeles.
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Plane English Multimedia Presentation
Illustrations for series of presentations which metaphorically relate parts of a plane to aspects of a successful business.
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Beckman Industrial Brochure Illustration
Design, lllustration and copywriting of a multi-fold sales incentive brochure.
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Various Spot Illustrations Click to see more

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